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Seo And Other Web Marketing Techniques: Tools Or Tricks?

Support Is the New Marketing: Why Web Marketing Is So Different From Offline Marketing

And Twitter is similar, if smaller. With a mere 200 million users, Twitter represents an even narrower slice. Interesting, although hardly enough to drive the entire world of online marketing. But the concept of ranking the entire Internet billions of pages by importance is an idea that just keeps on giving to the founders, employees, and shareholders of Google, of course, but also to the advertisers who are able to reach their chosen audiences and, yes, even to those poor, hapless, monetized folks who use the Web for everyday tasks and form the source of all revenues for the monetizers. Its true. The users do get actual value in exchange for their attention. Thats what makes Googles model so powerful. Its not a magic trick. Its real math. Such math is so tantalizing that Microsoft Microsoft has spent billions of dollars trying to replicate what Google does. Many others have tried and failed: Yahoo Yahoo , AOL, Alta Vista. And in the 15 years since Google started its search engine based on a single powerful idea PageRank many pilot fish have swum around this whale, attempting to siphon just a smidgen of its rich harvest. A ten-thousandth of one percent would be fine, enough to get rich beyond their wildest dreams. And along with the mathematicians, a number of charlatans have managed to slip into the arena, hawking every kind of means to game the system. An imaginative one was recently highlighted in the New York Times. Mugshot Websites gather arrest photos from local sheriffs departments and such and republish them. Because of the nature of this content, human nature, and the way PageRank works, these sites rose high in page rankings related to those individuals. So, if someone has the misfortune to be arrested, whether, guilty or not, anyone Googling their name will see the mugshot reference on the first page. A whole little cottage industry sprang up around this confluence of technology and human nature. Mugshot Website operators forced people to pay sometimes exorbitant fees to take down the shots. But as Google giveth, so it taketh away. The Times expose caused Google to change some math, pushing the sites rankings off the first page. It also caused most important payment processors American Express American Express , MasterCard MasterCard , PayPal, Discover, and others to halt these extortionist payments. So, good on the reporter, David Segal, and the New York Times. But for every scam that gets blown up there are hundreds of others in operation or waiting in the wings. And not all are illegal or completely unethical. Many fall in the gray area. Content marketing is one of those in the middle. The idea of content marketing is a lot like hiring your own claque, paid attendees who sit in the front row at your show and cheer wildly as you strut and fret your hour upon the stage, attempting to influence the opinion of other attendees, who are not in on the game. This trick, which is at least as old as Shakespeare, relies on a simple piece of human psychology. People look to others to help gauge their own opinion about something. No one wants to be the only fool clapping. As you hear the front row erupt in whistles, yells, and foot-stomping, you think, Actually this show is pretty good, now that I think of it. Very powerful stuff. <br>visit

Red Spark Marketing Completes Outdoor Products E-Commerce Website

Do Google, Amazon, click here. Twitter, Facebook, Expedia, and Wal-Mart use those tired brochureware or billboard techniques? When quality sites such as Progressive or eBags use smiling faces, they are always connected with a big discount and a clear call to action: You could save $550 on your car insurance Father's Day Sale: Extra 25% discount: Plus Free Shipping Those are the websites we love. They are fast and simple, they cut to the chase, they give us great discounts, they treat us like intelligent strangers, and they avoid the old-school marketing waffle. The new marketer helps you complete the task and then expands the offer in a logical manner. When you've booked a flight to Rome, you get offered car rental and hotels in Rome (not in Paris). The new marketer goes on a journey with the customer rather than trying to get the customer to go on the marketer's journey. The new marketer facilitates other customers to do the marketing and truly understands the customer's task. That's one reason why Amazon is so successful: It understands your task. <br>visit

Olympia marketing firm to exit web design

A Collaborative Effort During the project, Scott Meadows of Red Spark Marketing worked directly with Stacey Buchanan of Buchanan Fire and Outdoor. The companys expertise in creative local search marketing was fully leveraged, helping the customer gain visibility. These efforts also optimized the function and quality of the new e-commerce website. More details on Red Spark Marketing and its expert services can be found at About Red Spark Marketing Red Spark Marketing is a marketing and advertising expert that helps small businesses maximize their business potential on the web. The company employs SEO, local search marketing, social media marketing, email marketing, and search engine marketing tools to improve clients visibility. <br>visit

Brenda (his wife and co-owner) and I are shifting my responsibilities over to the TAGS side of the business, Williams said. The couple opened a second showroom in Tacoma recently for their trophies and awards operation, and are expanding those production capabilities at the Olympia location. While Williams Group will stay in place to focus on Internet marketing, video production and some marketing consultation, the in-house web design and branding work will be gone. Andrew DeSumma, one of its lead designers for more than a dozen years, is opening his own firm, Diventare Creative, in December and will be able to take on Williams Group clients with current and future projects. The other three web design employees have found new opportunities for transition. Brenda and I appreciate all the client relationships we have built over the past 20 years with Williams Group and look forward to continuing to serve you for many years to come at TAGS, the Williams statement said. <br>visit

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