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China's New Air Zone Has No Effect On S. Korea's Control Of Ieod

"We set up the Ocean Research Station there and have been operating it. China's declaration (of the ADIZ) will not at all affect our usage of the facility," Cho added. Asked about how to deal with China's controversial declaration of the air zone, the diplomat said the government "will review (options) in a comprehensive manner in a way to maximize our national interests." He refused to comment on the chances of its cooperation with Japan or Taiwan to deal with the issue. In the wake of China's declaration of the air zone that partly overlaps with that of South Korea, the Seoul government expressed "regret" and vowed discussions with Beijing. Meanwhile, South Korea's Vice Defense Minister Baek Seung-joo and Wang Guanzhong, the deputy chief of China's People's Liberation Army, are expected to discuss the ADIZ issue at the third meeting of bilateral defense strategy talks set for Thursday in Seoul. "The Seoul government will clearly express its position on that issue at the talks," a defense ministry official here said. Copyright Yonhap News Agency, 2013. visit[/url]

How to Use Google Trends for SEO

The system didnt track or remember you: Google has said for years that it wouldnt profile its users and built data silos to make it so. Even without profiling, it was the most profitable advertising system in the world. But that policy has been degrading over time, and in March it pretty much dissolved completely when Google unified its various privacy policies into one: Google, threatened by Facebooks success in finally giving users an identity, has decided that it will combine all the data it can into a mega-profile. That means your searches, all the web history it knows about you , everything in your e-mail account, and all the data from Android phones and Google+ will be combined to [url=] build the mother of all online profiles. Only a few things remain off-limits Google Analytics, for one. Dont expect that to last long. Singel wonders if Google is worried that Facebook will build a search engine better that Googles. He doesnt think thats a legitimate fear: But my guess is that this isnt true, and that a search engine optimized by Facebook-style social data wouldnt topple Google. Instead, I think its all about ego that Google is afraid of being eclipsed in public opinion by Facebook, rather than being truly concerned that Facebook could build a better search box.I think Google doesnt want to be perceived as losing, even if the company is making billions and billions annually without needing to really profile its users at all. Either way, Google has made it clear it is afraid, and you should be wary of companies running scared. <br>visit

Ethics of Search: The White Lies, Gray Zones, and Black Hats of SEO

Use product search as a parameter to find out: Product Searches have more than doubled since fall 2010. Clearly, the interest is there, but you should do a competitive analysis, before jumping into any space. Geo-Targeting Google Trends breaks down the search data by region. As you can see below, there is some level of interest in auto parts across the entire U.S., with the greatest level coming from Georgia and Florida. Drill down further and you will see that Atlanta is a particularly strong market: If you're doing local SEO or geo-targeted PPC, this data is invaluable. <br>visit

Internet 101: A small business guide to SEO and PPC

The cost of PPC advertising depends on the popularity of the keyword but it can be a very good testing ground for which keywords bring the best results for your website. How to succeed at PPC For PPC to work successfully, you mustnt get carried away by spending lots of money on advertising without measuring the results. PPC services can bring instant visitors to your website but you need to track how they move around. It is a good idea to do split testing by trying out different keywords and different advertising messages to see which work well. Like with organic SEO, you also need to properly research your keywords using the various keyword tools. Which is better? <br>visit

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